1. i’m scared.

    I’m really, really scared.

  3. What do you say to someone you haven’t spoken to or seen for over 2 years?

  4. thebiochemedian:

    The most heartbreaking line in all of science-fiction-musical fandom. 


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  5. howibloggedyourmother:

    this is the greatest blooper 

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    Me. Everyday.

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    I Knew You Were Trouble/We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together performed by Barrett Wilbert Weed, Jenn Damiano, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Andrew Durand, and Preston Sadleir at 54 Below

    (sorry for the bad quality and shaky camera and portrait orientation and stuff)

    Okay, um, officially kind of excited for this musical. I’ve always been kind of indifferent about Taylor Swift, but musical theatre, J-Dam, Lilli Cooper, and Blake Daniel kind of make me love these songs. I really hope they stay with the production.

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    Am I the only person who thinks Girl Meets World is kind of brilliant?

    I know it’s no BMW, but it’s definitely very reminiscent of BMW’s first season. And, the messages each episode brings are quite great, and I think very important for this generation. Farkle is my favorite, and my heart smiles every time I realize Cory is Mr. Feeney’s prodigy.
    I mean, seriously, watch a few episodes of other “kid shows” out there, and you’ll see they pale in comparison.

  10. Please remember

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    Blood Money

    The Passion of the Christ

    Jesus Christ Superstar 1973

    Jesus Christ Superstar 2000

    Jesus Christ Superstar 2012

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    Money can’t buy me happiness but it can buy me theatre tickets and that’s basically the same thing

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    drink with me

    to days

    gone by


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  15. I partied a lot back in high school.

    And by party, I mean throw surprise birthday parties for every single friend in my group and musical theatre themed murder mystery parties.