1. the best moment in cinematic history

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    Damned For All Time/Blood Money pt. 14

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    Victor Hugo: Les Misérables – From Page to Stage

    Okay, everyone seriously. If you are in the vicinity of the Melbourne CBD and like Les Mis, even casually, GO AND SEE THIS. It has one of the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS by Victor Hugo (it’s probably 4-5 inches thick), and concept art/inspirations etc for the book, for adaptions; plays, readings, musicals, the whole lot. Posters, mini-statues, and even Mme Thenardier and Javert’s 2012 movie costumes (yes the actual ones worn by Bonham Carter and Crowe). But then, but THEN, you turn a corner and go down a short corridor and it leads you to a massive room all about the current musical and Australia’s current run playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre (Simon Gleeson as Valjean, Hayden Tee as Javert, Patrice Tipoki as Fantine). It also has a massive screening of the 25th Anniversary Tour (with Alfie Boe as Valjean, Norm Lewis as Javert, Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras etc) with a stage underneath to perform in and a corner of dress ups- from a factory girl’s outfit to FEUILLY AND COURFEYRAC’S JACKETS!!!
    Really, it was a stunning experience, and I’m going back again if not to just get more of a look around.

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  7. me oh my

    i sometimes/always feel like a terrible daughterfriendfamilymemberteacherassistantperson.

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  9. weeping uncontrollably every curtain call because these people are all living their dream, they did it, they’re on broadway, and that’s just such a beautiful thing for them to achieve, and you’re so incredibly happy for them because you know how you’d feel if you were them

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    Seeing a Broadway show: This is the greatest day of my life! 

    When the show ends: I’ll never be happy again

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    Why can’t people be more thoughtful?


    - Cancerians (zodiacsociety)

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    New photos from Finding Neverland

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    things i aspire to be in life: bernadette peters

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    my talents include:

    • identifying movie musical soundtracks from original broadway cast soundtracks in .7 seconds
    • lecturing you on every reason why the original is better and why you should be listening to that

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    "so there’s a great new musical"


    "i saw a good musical today"


    "have you heard of this musical"


    "i love this one musical"


    "so i heard about a new musical"


    "who wants to talk about musicals"


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